Bjørn Erik Haugen: Faster than a blink of an Eye





Faster than a blink of an Eye


«Faster than a blink of an Eye» is an exhibition, problematizing the progress of computation and artificial intelligence in computers and their impact on humans and society.







;plural noun:


a unit of computing speed equivalent to a million instructions per second.


The photos show how stock marked desks appear and how the screens and computer-programs visualizes how a computer-robot operates in the stock market faster than a 
human being. Another problem is that the power of the stock-market is turned over to an algorithm, a power that has huge implications and consequences for almost all humans
 over the world.


Bjørn Erik Haugen artist statement

My name is Bjørn Erik Haugen, and I have an MA from the National Academy in Oslo 2007. I work mainly with sculpture, sound- and video installation. I work from a conceptual platform where the idea to the work comes before the material, media or way of expression.


My works has been shown on the annual national autumn exhibition in Norway, and have been screened in Wienna, Barcelona, Sweden, Germany, England and in USA. I exhibited at Transmediale 2012, Berlin. I received«Honorary Mention» at Prix Ars Electronica 2012 in thesection Digital Musics & Sound Art. One of my videos was screened at Palais de Tokyo, during Rencontres Internacionales, December 2012and at WRO International Media Art Biennale in May. In 2014 I exhibited at Bucharest Biennial, ISCM 2014 and at Bristol Biennial. Last year I exhibited at Land-Shape, Århus, Spring- exhibition, Fotogalleriet, Oslo, ISEA 2015, Vancouver and at 28. Festival Les Instants Vidéo, Marseille. I started my artistic research position this autumn. This year I will have a solo-exhibition at Haugar Art Museum and I will exhibit at the Research Pavilion in Venice and at Wroclaw Media art Biennial 2017.



Udstillingsperiode: 3. juni til 25. juni 2017

Åben: tor til søn 13.00 til 17.00





Udstillingsstedet Spanien19c,Kalkværksvej 5A, DK 8000 Århus C, Mail: spanien19c@gmail.com